Australian Bat Management, Control & Removal.

Australian Feral Management are experts in dealing with the problems of bats, especially in urban areas across Sydney. Bats are important to our Australian ecosystem as they feed on insects like mosquitoes. Bats are also protected by law in many areas.


Australian feral management BatsBats live and are common problems the world over, and are the only mammal capable of sustained flight. Because bats are nocturnal they seek out dark calm areas to sleep during the day, and during the night it’s when they do their work.

Bats have acute hearing and navigate using sound to echo & navigate. Bats carry diseases which are transmissible to humans including rabies. Bat guano contains bacteria and can harbor fungal organisms. Bats do bite humans if provoked or scared, they can carry fleas which can be passed on to pets and get inside of homes, plus they can be very loud.


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