Ibis Control and Removal

The Australian White Ibis is a native bird that has moved to urban areas on the east coast due to a severe drought in the interior back in the early 2000.

They have adapted well to the new environment, but they have also caused problems such as water pollution, killing of nesting trees, noise, unhygienic environment and smell.

To manage the Ibis population, you need a license from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS). You can apply for the license [here]. The license will specify what methods can be used to manage the Ibis without harming them.

The licence allows you to hire the professional service of Australian Feral Management (AFM) to help you with the Ibis problem.

Note: If the Ibis are nesting in large trees like Phoenix Palms or similar by the time you pay the arborist (tree lopper) and AFM to provide our services it will cost you over $1000.

Some of the methods that AFM can use are:

  • Removing eggs and nests from palm trees and trimming the palms to prevent future nesting.
  • Installing spikes or shock systems on roofs, fences, gutters, or trees to deter roosting.
  • Ibis egg oil service to reduce egg hatching success rate.
  • Developing an Ibis Management Plan (IMP) for sites with large nesting populations of over 50 Ibis. These methods can help you reduce the impact of Ibis on your property and the environment.

Nesting Ibis

Palm pruned to a pineapple shape to prevent further Ibis nesting

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