Our Licenses

Our Licenses and Qualifications

Australian Feral Management has a wide range of suitable firearms some of which have been modified to suit specific situations. These modifications allow us to rid pigeons from inside buildings, alleviating rabbits and foxes from urban areas and control deer in public places. We work safely, silently and discreetly in golf courses, cemeteries, airports and both private and public lands.

Australian Feral Management carries a wide range of licences including Firearm Licenses.


These licences are issued by the Firearms Registry and the N.S.W. Police Department.

  • Category A rimfire rifle
  • Category B centrefire rifle
  • Category D contractors licence.
  • Firearm noise suppressers (silencers) permit
  • Tranquilliser rifle permit
  • Netting gun permit
  • N.S.W. National Parkes & Wildlife Service
  • NPWS Level One & Two firearm accredited
  • NPWS General License
  • Licensed Pest Controllers
  • Licence number: 0750



Australian Feral Management has been in animal control since 1984 and is fully insured to carry out its operations in urban areas.