Cockatoo Control

Australian Feral Management holds a general licence from the NPWS. All cockatoos in Australia are protected species and a permit is required from the National Parks and Wildlife Service before any control measures can be undertaken.

Cockatoo Control

The sulphur-crested cockatoo is usually found in pairs or small parties. But in southern Australia they often congregate in large flocks of up to a hundred noisy birds. These cockie mobs can get nasty and attack trees, decks and houses in a controlled frenzy of destruction that can go on for days. Cockatoos are most destructive in spring when they have an increased tendency to chew, especially in early spring and also in late summer. Parent cockatoos are trying to build nests in early spring. In late summer, the baby birds leave the nest and like teenagers start exploring their environment and are more likely to destroy things.

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