Australian Feral Rabbit Control

Wild rabbits have been causing widespread devastation in Australia for over 100 years. Rabbits have found conditions in Australia to be ideal. Australia has attempted to control the rabbit population with a combination of measures including:



Destroying warrens through ripping, ploughing, blasting, and fumigating;

  • Poison baiting;
  • Shooting and hunting with dogs and ferrets;
  • Releasing predators (such as cats and foxes);
  • Biological control (for example, the myxoma virus and rabbit fleas);
  • Rabbit proof fencing.

These methods have impacted on the rabbit population. However, the rabbit’s breeding vigor and adaptability have made effective control, particularly in some remote and less productive areas, impossible. Experience clearly shows that no one control method can solve Australia’s rabbit problem.

Australian Feral Management can not rid your property of rabbits, we wish we could. With years of experience and regular maintenance we can keep them at minimum levels


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