Magpie Removal & Control

Magpie Removal & Control

Aggressive Magpies are a HUGE OH&S issue. Spring is Magpie breading season, During this time some male Magpies feel the urge to protect their nests, they do this by becoming very aggressive.

AFM magpie postman control removal

Magpies attack any animal including humans, cats and dogs. Seemingly the faster a target moves the more they attach. They seem to be aggravated by the sounds of motorbikes, This makes postmen on motorbikes a favorite target.

Aggressive Magpies will generally attack from the side or from behind taking a target by surprise, with the target not knowing they are being attacked.

Magpies pose a huge risk to workers OH&S with at least one human eye being lost every few years due to a magpie attack.

Many believe and will tell you that an aggressive magpie will only attack for a few weeks during breeding season. Australian Feral Management have notice that magpies will attack for up to three months.

Magpies will also teach their offspring to attack, as attacking is a learnt behaviour. The quicker a aggressive adult can be removed, the less chance there is of its offspring being wrongly educated.

What Australian Feral Management do to remove Magpies:

  • Australian Feral Management conduct a thorough risk assessment of the effected area prior to each service.
  • Australian Feral Management can remove magpies from public places, commercial premises, airports, sports fields and more.
  • We then contact the police to inform them of what we are doing and ask for a officer to attend if they are available.
  • Australian Feral Management then shoot the aggressive bird and the bird is removed.
  • We shoot aggressive birds as the NPWS do to not want magpies trapped and relocated due to aggressive behavior.

About Australian Feral Management

  • We have permits from NPWS General Licence to control magpies and butcher birds.
  • We have firearms permits including: level A, B & D, None Rural, Firearms and safety training accredited officer, Police commissioners permit.
  • We are full insured.
  • Fully licensed to remove magpies, birds and other animals.
  • Councils, Schools, local government,  state government bodies & Australia Post have been contracting our services for over 10 years.
  • Our methods are quick, humane and satisfy the R.S.P.C.A.
  • Australian Feral Management have been removing Magpies for over 17 years.

If you have problems with Magpies call Australian Feral Management today on Phone: 1300 669 546
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