Pigeon Removal & Control

Pigeon Removal & Control

Australian Feral Management uses an array of proven methods to control pigeons in all situations. We can carry out Pigeon eradication programs with discretion.

Pigeon Removal & ControlPigeons have been associated with diseases such as lung, heart and kidney disease, salmonella and respiratory problems to name just a few. A work place free of pigeons and their faecal material will make for a healthier work environment.

If you have an issue with Pigeons roosting in your warehouse, car park under your loading dock, food prep area please contact us. we will be happy to carry out a free site inspection to determine which method is best suited to control your pigeon problem. We can provide trapping, shooting, proofing and baiting.

Australian Feral Management find the most effective ways to control Pigeons is to shoot them, with our sophisticated sound suppressed air rifles we can rid a factory of hundreds of pigeons in one night.

Australian Feral Management carries all relevant firearm licenses and permits that allow us to carry our feral animal control even in urban streets. Australian Feral Management is  a full time feral animal control agency that contracts to many Federal and State Government organisations as well as large industrial sites.

You can rest assured that any staff that step foot on your site to carry out Pigeon control, do this on a full time basis. Australian Feral Management is the largest feral animal control organisation from Wollongong all the way to Newcastle. Australian Feral Management has been controlling feral and native in that region without issue since the mid 80’s.

Australian Feral Management use a high powered adjustable fully imported large .25 caliber air rifle.


This is not a representation of actually size.

WHY . .  If the .25 cal pellet exists the pigeon little power remains in the pellet. The advantages are huge including;

  • No risk of shooting holes in the roof sheets
  • In the rare circumstance that a ricochet occurs, there is no risk of secondary damage or injury to workers.
  • Note: smaller pellets, .177, .20, .22 caliber pellets travel extremely fast, they often exit the pigeon at high speed turning your roof into what looks like Swiss cheese.
  • The smaller caliber are cheap to buy and only used by fly by nighters.

What Australian Feral Management do to remove Pigeons:

  • Australian Feral Management conduct a thorough risk assessment of the effected area prior to each service.
  • Australian Feral Management can remove Pigeons from public places, commercial premises, airports, sports fields and more.
  • We then contact the police prior to each cull.
  • Australian Feral Management then shoot the Pigeons and the accessible Pigeons are removed.

About Australian Feral Management

  • We have permits from NPWS General Licence.
  • We have firearms permits including: level A, B & D, None Rural, Firearms and safety training accredited officer, Police commissioners permit.
  • We are full insured.
  • Fully licensed to remove Pigeons, birds and other animals.
  • Councils, Schools, local government,  state government bodies & Australia Post have been contracting our services for over 10 years.
  • Our methods are quick, humane and satisfy the R.S.P.C.A.
  • Australian Feral Management have been removing Pigeons for over 17 years.

If you have problems with Pigeons call Australian Feral Management today on Phone: 1300 669 546
Or send us an email using the contact form on the right.